My Grandmother

My Grandmother

My grandmother was born on 3 March 1945.

She was born in a hospital in Barcelona.

She married my grandfather and they had seven children.

Six were girls and one was a boy.

My grandmother didn’t work outside the home, she worked at home. She wanted to work as a seamstress but my grandftaher didn’t her let. She went to live with my grandfather to Cádiz and after that to Córdoba.

Later she came to Granada.

When my grandmother came to Granada she began sewing dresses for babies. Over time she gave it upbecause her waist hurt.

Later, my grandmother and my grandfather went to live to Armilla where my mother grew up.

My grandmother has got some problems with her bones because she didn’t drink milk .She started to work at home again. When my mother got older she had my 3 older brothers and me, my mother went to work and my grandmother took care of us all week.

Now, my gandmother has gone to live with my grandfather and with her daughter Adela to Jaén. Now my grandparents don’t work and they are on the dole.


by Sara Ryhany Hortelano