Day in the snow


On 12th February several students of UCC (Uppingham Community College) came to Alba Longa High School to do once again a successful exchange.

 It was a very entertained week for all, we made new friends, we could speak with natives, went to excursions. It was an unforgettable  experience. One of the excursions  was in Sierra Nevada. Early in the morning we came to the school,    Spanish students and our pen Friends, who were staying in our houses and from there we took the bus to go to the mountain. The trip lasted 40 minutes and it was quite fun but long. However, the rest of the day compensated the trip. First we went to visit some of the  the facilities of the centre of high performance (CARD). The visit was interesting because we could see everything. We went for a walk on the snow with snow racquets. It was nice because we walked through the frozen nature. Later we had a few sledges to throw ourselves down the snow slopes, the sledges were very entertaining especially the falls we had. Finally, all students were very tired and waiting for the next day.










Cristina Llorens Torralvo (3ºB).