Students of IES “Alba Longa” have received the visit of 21 English students.





Students from UCC came from England to make an exchange with I.E.S Alba Longa  of Armilla. During those days both schools enjoyed an intercultural  week with one person more in their families. They  visited three typical places in Granada: the beach   of Almuñecar, snow mountain and The Alhambra. During the rest of the week they were doing other activities with the Spanish guys.







Also they did other activities like a gymkhana in Granada, visiting the most famous places of our city. On Tuesday we made a big carnival party in the gym of the school. Next morning the farewell took place, and there were hugs and tears, which wanted to say ”we will see  each other again”.




Made by: Jesús López Rodríguez

  Alba Longa diary.