Trip to Lanjarón (Visita a Lanjarón)


“We saw the mineral water factory and the honey museum. This year we read a book, SATURDAY STORM, That day we saw a flash of lightning and a roll of thunder and later it rained rocks (a stone).

On April 23rd 3º de ESO went to visit the mineral water factory of Lanjarón. We learnt how the water is bottled. Then, we saw a video about how the water come to the factory and we learnt the process.

la foto 5

The Honey Museum.

Later on, we went to visit the Honey Museum (which is next to the Balneario Hotel). Here  we  learnt the  world of  bees, how  they work together, the Queen of bees and the human process of getting honey.

When the teachers finished explaining us all, we tried different kinds of honey and we took some pictures.

The great family of 3º ESO.

The great family of 3º ESO.

Although unfortunately it got cloudy and rocks started to rain, one went to the window of a car, it turned out to be a wonderful day.

Ana López and Noelia Carbelo

(curso 2014-2015)