Exchange with Uppingham in the UK




First of all, on Tuesday, we took a bus that took us to Malaga’s airport at twelve o’clock. We flew to the UK at 5 o’clock and arrived there at 7 o’clock more or less. Once there, we took another bus that took us to the UCC, where our English friends were waiting for us. I arrived at my English friend’s home at 10 o’clock in the night and I was really tired. My English friend Beth showed me her house and I went to sleep.

Next day, we spent the morning in the UCC doing different activities. I loved the high school and I wish I studied there. Then, at 14:30, we had a little excursion in Uppingham. The teachers showed us the small and beautiful town. Beth and me went back home at 15:30. Beth did her homework and I talked with my family and Spanish friends. We had dinner at 18:00 and then we went bowling.


On Thursday, we went to another beautiful town called Stamford. It was a very old village with lots of churches. There, I bought a CD of my favourite music band. I had lunch in a nice park of Stamford with my friends and we took a lot of photos. We had such a great day walking through the streets of Stamford. We also visited the George Hotel, a fancy and expensive hotel, and it was amazing. In the afternoon, I watched an animated film called Up with my English family.

On Friday, we had a graphic design class in the UCC. After that, we went to Peterborough. It is a really nice city. We started visiting the most important thing in Peterborough: the cathedral. It was an ancient and gigantic cathedral and I really liked it. Then, my friends and me had lunch in a Burger King and after that we went to a shopping centre in Peterborough. Girls bought a lot of clothes in a clothing store called Primark, my friends and me were in videogames shops. In the afternoon we had a great party on the drama studio of the UCC where we danced a lot.

Versión 2

On Saturday we spent all the day in London with our English partners. We arrived there at 12:30 more or less and we had lunch and then we took a ride on the London Eye. We enjoyed amazing views of London, I really loved it. Also, we took hundreds of photos. Then, we saw a 4D short film about London. Afterwards, we walked a lot through London. We visited the Big Ben, the St James Park, the Buckingham Palace… A lot of places! We stayed on Trafalgar Square for about half an hour and I visited the National Gallery with my friends. Then, we walked a lot again and we went to buy some souvenirs and to eat. I bought two T-shirts of London, one for me and one for my sister, and a crystal snowball of London for my parents.


On Sunday, we didn’t have any excursion. We spent the whole day with our English family. In the morning, I had eggs with bacon for breakfast. I really liked it. Later, I played videogames with Beth’s little sister, Rachel. I had lunch in Beth’s grandparents’ house. In the afternoon, I did cycling with Beth, her dad and her little sister. I arrived home exhausted and Beth’s mom prepared a delicious hot chocolate. Then, I had dinner and I watched the two films of Thor with Beth and her dad, her sister and her brother Ben. I didn’t understand very well the films because they obviously were in English with no subtitles. After that, I went to my room.


The last day, we arrived at the UCC and we had to say goodbye to our English partners. That was the saddest part of our exchange and almost everyone cried. We took a bus to Cambridge, our last excursion. We had a great morning there. We visited King’s College and we took a ride on small boats in a river. We took a lot of photos. Then we ate and we went shopping. I bought some candies and all my friends and me bought the same sweatshirt of Cambridge University. Then, our amazing exchange ended. We took a plane and we arrived too late to Spain in the night. All of us had an unforgettable week.

David Capel Jiménez

curso 2015-2016.